The tranquil waters of La Paz offer an abundant amount of marine life unlike any place on the planet. With two Islands close by, Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo, you can swim with Sealions, dive with Giant Pacific Manta Rays, Snorkel with Whale Sharks or admire schools of Dolphins or Whales from a distance.



The waters around The nationally protected island of Espiritu Santo just north of La Paz, are ideal for kayaking and feature unique wildlife encounters such as snorkeling with friendly sea lions at Los Islotes and the gentle, graceful whale sharks of El Mogote. Tour includes lunch at the island, and snorkel equipement. Price per person starting at $79



La Paz is known for excellent fishing year round, Marlin, dorado, pargo, roosters, just to name a few.  Some fishing companies include packaging of your catch.  We encourage catch and release of all billfish and request that you take no more than you need.  Thank you for helping to keep the richness of our sea!

Price start at $350 per boat for four. Check the year fishing chart.  



La Paz’s waters are truly “ the aquarium of the world” as described by Jacques Cousteau.  Over 10 diving sites to explore, dive with friendly sea lions, dolphins, see dense shoals of silver sardines, blue and gold king angel fish and yellow surgeon fish amongst golden cup corals. Professional PADI instructors and guides.

Price per person starting at $125 (two tanks)



Plenty of places to enjoy the tranquil and rich waters of La Paz, start with a short trip to Balandra rock, or go as far as Espiritu Santo Island for a day trip to watch and swim with the sea lions, experience the diversity of fish species,  and in season have the opportunity to share the water with the majestic Whale Shark. Price per person starting at $65



Fun for the family! Rent a bike and tour the boardwalk  “El Malecon” . No reservations required, located on Arreola street between El Malecon and Esquerro st. right in downtown close to the bank district.



The waters of La Paz are perfect for Paddle Board, rentals and guided tours are available as well as professional instructors for beginners.  Prices starting at $25



WHALE WATCHING – (SEASONAL)  Last week of December through March 


During the months of December through March witness friendly Gray Whales up close at their winter birthing and mating sanctuary at San Ignacio Lagoon. See Blue, Humpback, Fin, Pilot and Orca whales to name a few. Several companies offer tours to the lagoon, where you are taken in comfortable SUVs or Vans to the site where you take the boat with an expert guide.   

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